8 Activites to Beat Cabin Fever

At some point or another we all get cabin fever and thinking about spring and our gardens helps us get out of it.  Winter will end soon but until then hopefully some of these ideas will help you get past your Cabin Fever.


Plan your garden – Start a Journal/BinderLearn from Your Notes "Use a garden journal to save time and effort. Jot down notes every week as you garden, then refer back the next year."

It’s always great to start thinking about the next growing season.  Have you ever created a gardening journal or plan before? If so you are a step ahead, if not check out this site for an easy way to get started.  Make sure you know your space and begin by thinking about what you would like to grow or look through seed catalogs or online to get some ideas.  Then get out the graph paper and start planning, make sure to plan for growth of the plants, light requirements and if they need structures for vining up.  If you are working with a small area take a look at the book Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew for some great ideas on how to utilize your space.


Visit a Botanical Garden

Visiting a garden in the winter months might not be on the top of your list but it’s an excellent way to beat the crowds and see a side of the gardens you never have before.  Many will have activities in the winter months that help you experience the garden in different ways.  Monk Botanical Gardens, in Wausau leads candlelight snowshoe walks throughout their property in the winter months for a small fee.  There is one coming up on February 16th.  To learn more, check out their Facebook page.


Repot your indoor plants

Is your Christmas cactus getting a little too large for it’s container?  Maybe the containers don’t match your current decorating style?  Regardless it’s time for a change.  Now is the perfect time to repot since plants typically are not putting on much new growth and it will be less of a shock to their system.  All of our Pottery is 15% this month so it’s a great time to repot some of your favorite houseplants in a lovely new container.


Add Houseplants to your decoratingImage result for houseplants in the winter

Help brighten up your space by adding houseplants to your living areas.  They help purify the air in your home or office and give us a much-needed dose of greenery.  They can also help raise the humidity of a space which is so important in these dry winter months.  If you are looking for some easy no-fuss houseplants try growing; aloe, philodendron, pothos, dieffenbachia, or succulents.  Plants are a relatively inexpensive way to add to your décor and fill up spaces.  They look great on bookshelves, end tables, kitchens, and so many more places, plus they never go out of style!  The big thing to remember is light requirements.  Pay attention to your space and make sure the plant you pick will have enough light to flourish.


Design a new Landscape AreaSimple Urn

Maybe you want to add a water feature or a serene spot to relax in your landscape, start planning it now.  Begin looking through magazines and the internet for inspiration, Pinterest and Houzz are excellent sources if you haven’t already explored their depths.  Take a look at your current landscape and plan for your new additions, sketch out a plan on paper, make lists of the materials needed and the steps for installing.  If it’s a bigger project contact your landscape professional for help.  The sooner you can get on their schedule for spring the better.


 Take an Art Class

Admittedly this doesn’t have to directly deal with gardening but taking an art class is a great way to expand your experiences, meet new people and maybe even find a new hobby.  There are many local art centers that offer classes throughout the Northwoods in anything from painting to pottery making to jewelry making and fabric dyeing.  You can even create something for your garden!  Some great local art centers to check out:

Rhinelander – Art Start

Minocqua – Campanile Center

Land O’ Lakes – Land O’ Lakes Arts (LOLA)

Eagle River – The Warehouse



Look for New Plants

Every spring something new and exciting comes out in the plant and gardening world.  Stay on top of the trends this year and begin looking for what’s new early.  Proven Winners has just released their new plants for 2018 that will be seen in garden centers and some of them are plants that you must add to your landscape.  Request one of their Idea Guides or check out the video with the New Introductions Here.


Decorate with Botanicals

Bring some of the colors of spring and summer inside by incorporating botanical decorations into your living spaces.  Use greens as accent colors either with live plants or decorative decor pieces and pillows.  You can create an easy gallery wall with some picture frames and these Free Botanical Printables.  Again Pinterest is a great place for inspiration and DIY tutorials.  If you really want to prevent the winter blues consider painting a room or an accent wall green.  It’s a very invigorating color that will have you thinking spring all year round.




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