Why Buy a Scag Mower

If you are in the market for a commercial mower, you have probably discovered that there are countless choices available. So…what makes Scag “Simply the Best”?


Since 1983, Scag Power Equipment, a division of Metalcraft of Mayville, has been producing heavy-duty, commercial mowers. This gives them the experience needed to know what really works, and what doesn’t. They listen to their customers, and constantly make the changes needed to meet their needs. In fact, every Scag mower receives many improvements and enhancements on a constant basis. Even the smallest improvements are important in creating “Simply the Best” commercial mowers on the market. This constant product evolution has enabled them to retain their title as the premiere commercial mower line in the industry.

Scag employs an elite group of research and development specialists, designers and engineers dedicated to producing commercial mowers that cut faster, cut better, last longer and ultimately make you more profitable. Every Scag model is operated extensively in specialized laboratories and then tested in the real world.  Prototype mowers are given to landscape professionals to use and test for an entire year.  In return they provide suggestions and feedback and changes are made to the product before it goes into full scale production.  This allows Scag to come to into the market with a better preforming and more refined product.  These mowers already lead the industry in productivity, reliability, heavy-duty construction, and overall value. Every day they pull farther ahead of the pack thanks to constant in-house development and feedback from customers.


Scag Power Equipment is one of the last commercial power equipment companies that actually manufacturer their own components.  Sheet metal and tube steel come in one end of the factory and the world’s best commercial mowers go out the other end. Manufacturing their own component parts allows greater flexibility in design and more control in the quality of the parts used in their mowers.

Their manufacturing facilities are based in South Eastern Wisconsin, so not only are you supporting US jobs, you are supporting Wisconsin jobs.  Being local also means fast service; with nearby distribution centers parts are shipped to the dealers very quickly so that you can get your equipment running again.

We encourage you to take the time to really examine their mowers and pay special attention to the details like ease of service, wiring harness looms and routing, weld quality, component fit and construction, and the operator’s platform.  It will not take long to find the many differences that place Scag in front of the pack.

Is it overkill? Some may think so, however their customers that rely on their equipment every day do not. Do things like Kevlar belts, high strength pulleys, cutter deck spindles and heavy steel construction make the mowers go faster? Not really. Does it make them last longer, provide you with less downtime and more value for your dollar? Absolutely. When you get ready for your next mower purchase, would you be interested in something that will last an extra year, two, or more? Are you interested in owning a product with the best components, best construction and best overall quality in the industry, all made proudly in the United States of America? If you answered yes, Scag is the mower for you.


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