Blow into Fall with Our Favorite’s

It’s our favorite time of year here in the Northwoods, crisp air, changing leaves and scenic drives.  Of course it also means that it is time for fall yard cleanup and raking leaves, and we all know that those leaves (and needles) can seem endless.  This year make quick work of your cleanup with a blower from Husqvarna.  Their line includes battery powered and gas powered handhelds as well as backpack models to fit every person and situation.  We know that choosing just the right kind of blower can sometimes be difficult so we wanted to share some of our staff’s favorites with you to maybe help in the process.

Alec’s Choice: 580BTS Backpack

“Absolutely nothing beats this blower!  It is the powerhouse of the Husqvarna line, their top commercial model, and it is an essential for homeowners with large lawns and woods who want to quickly finish a task.  It is the largest of all the backpack blowers, Now what does this mean? It means that it has the most power, will blow air at speeds around 200 mph.   Yes, it does weigh the most at 25 lbs. but it has great padding and 2 straps (one chest and one waist) help distribute the weight.”

Christine’s Choice: 570BTS Backpack

“The 570BT is the blower I use at home and I love it because it has a lot of power but it is still comfortable to wear and fits a woman’s build nicely.  The straps and padding are really comfortable and on those days in the fall where all we do is blow leaves it’s nice to know that my shoulders and back  won’t be really sore afterwards.  This blower is also great to use for those light early winter snowfalls to clear off sidewalks and entry ways.  As we have found over the years of running our business, this blower is also excellent at clearing snow off of Christmas trees!(though most of you probably aren’t too concerned about that…)”

Brian’s Choice: 350BT Backpack

“Personally I would pick the 580BTS…but since Someone else already has… I would have to say that the 350BT is the model that I recommend most for homeowners who want a backpack blower but might be intimidated by the weight and the price tag of some of the bigger models.  It’s easy to start, has a nice amount of power and weighing only 23 lbs. is a very manageable size for most people.”

Katie’s Choice: 525BX Handheld

“As much as I have a tendency to believe that more power is better, I have to pick the 525BX handheld blower.  After years of doing fall cleanups for a landscaping company, I do really like backpack blowers but I have to say the compact size, ease of start and the certain finesse that you can get with the 525BX is unbeatable.  It has just the right amount of power for blowing off sidewalks and driveways as well as taking care of leaves on smaller lawns.  It’s great for getting into corners and under decks where you just can’t go with a bulky backpack. “