Firewise Landscaping

The Germann Road Fire in Douglas County 2013. Photo courtesy of WIDNR

Hearing all of the reports about the devastating wildfires out West this summer and fall has made us think about what we can do around our own homes to offer some protection if a fire were to start in the Northwoods.

It’s part of the chance that we take, living among the trees, but there are plenty of ways that we can reduce that risk.  Many of these ways are just small changes to our landscaping including: clearing brush and leaves away from buildings, pruning limbs up above 6-8′ on trees, and planting natives that are resistant to fire damage.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has created a really informative guide on how to be ‘Firewise’ about your landscaping.  It has some great information about which plants to choose, and how to layout your yard and create buffer zones.  It is well worth the read, particularly since if you implement some of these measures it may save your home.


Firewise Landscaping: A Guide to Protecting Your Home From Wildfire