Anchor Diamond Collection

Architects, engineers and contractors choose the Diamond Pro retaining wall system to create flexible, cost effective solutions for a broad range of commercial and residential retaining wall projects. The angled plane of the beveled face provides a traditional look for retaining walls, while the rear-lip block makes installation fast and accurate.

Sold in full pallets only

Diamond Bevel – 45 pcs/pallet                                     Available Colors: Desert Tan, Gray, Umber

Diamond Bevel – 36 pcs/pallet                                    Available Colors: Buff, Gray

Diamond Straight – 45 pcs/pallet                                   Available Colors: Desert Tan, Gray, Umber, Charcoal

Diamond Straight – 36 pcs/pallet                                       Available Colors: Buff, Gray

Universal Caps 3″ – 72 pcs/pallet              

Large Step Units 6x16x16 – 24 pcs/pallet