Red Prince Weigela

Weigela florida ‘Red Prince’

  • Height:  5-6′
  • Spread:  5-6′
  • Shape:  Upright, branches arching at maturity
  • Foliage:  Green
  • Fall Foliage:  Insignificant
  • Exposure:  Full Sun
  • Zone:  4-8

Developed at Iowa State University. The most important characteristic of this plant is its ability to hold its flower color (red) as they age rather than taking on a purplish tint which often happens with other varieties. Hardier than W. ‘Vaniceki’. Tendency for a secondary bloom in late summer, particularly if spring bloom was sparse.  Available in #1, #2, and #3 containers.  Our inventory is always changing so please call for current availability.